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is no longer about

the stuff you make

but about

the stories you tell"

- Seth Godin


Our Approach

We firmly believe that branding is more important now than ever.  First impressions are everything in a visually crowded marketplace and you need to grab attention and convey your message quickly.  

In our hyper-connected economy, it's vital that businesses convey their story efficiently and effectively to build consumer engagement and trust.  

Whether it's a logo design, rebrand, product launch, or you want to increase your sales, we pride ourselves in helping our clients' stories come alive and fostering more engagement with meaningful, STRATEGIC, CREATIVE CONTENT.

You used to be able to buy attention in the print, radio, and TV ad era... now consumers and prospective clients can swipe right past your content or ignore your emails.  Today's market is demanding, oversaturated, and requires that businesses EARN ENGAGEMENT

Our team starts with a deep dive into your business, discovering what makes you different, understanding your story.  We then work with you to create a comprehensive, cohesive strategy and campaign that can be executed with our understanding of MODERN MARKETING PLATFORMS.

We believe your marketing partner should ensure a comprehensive solution that works in conjunction with your long-term strategy.  Remove your need to manage multiple vendors and receive the production and skillset of a full marketing team, save money, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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We provide a full suite of services at a fixed monthly rate. 

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Our clients get consulting, strategy sessions, and a lot more included in our services.

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Video, Photo,


Whether you need company or product videos, professional, photography, or animated infographics...all included in your monthly rate!

Custom Graphics

Effective marketing requires design that supports your brand and story. What can you accomplish with 3 graphic designers on your team?

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Successful email marketing is one of the most difficult strategies for today's businesses. Our team brings experience working with one of the largest email marketing companies in the world to help you define and achieve success!

Social Media

Combine strategy, video, photo, animation, and custom graphics to launch a strong social media campaign that captures more leads and sends more visitors to your website to convert to clients.

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Revival Recordings - Raleigh, NC

“My team contacted The Digital Butler to have some digital deliverables put together for an artist signed to our record label.  That is exactly what we got, plus so much more.  They were incredibly flexible and communicative, and the creative energy that they brought to our team's existing planning process was incredible.  The deliverables far exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with Josh and The Digital Butler team again soon!” 


—  Sarah Wienecke, Brand Management

Building a Brand Process


With thE

End In Mind

The process for successful branding and marketing begins with your brand identity.  Our brand identity encompasses a combination of investigative, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills.  A successful branding and marketing strategy requires an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and an ability to synthesize vast amounts of information and data. 

scroll for the process

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Step 1

We like process. We find it ensures consistency and clarity.  We will work with you to clarify your mission, vision and values, strategic initiatives and overall growth strategy.  We assist in conducting competitive marketing analysis, as well as, technical and process analysis. 

Following research and analysis, we evaluate findings with you and prepare for step 2 of the process, clarifying strategy.

Step 2

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Step 2

Clarifying strategy helps us ensure that what we do today supports your goals of tomorrow.  During this step, we synthesize what we learned in step 1, clarify your brand strategy, and develop a positioning platform.

We work together to ensure we create brand attributes, naming strategy, key messaging, and design briefs that ensure your marketing and branding efforts support your vision for your company and will position you for optimal engagement with your target audience.

Step 3

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Designing Identity_Website.jpg



Step 3

Ensuring consistency of your branding throughout your long-term strategy begins with intent and design today.  During this step in the process we work on visualizing the future, how you want to be perceived, and who your ideal target audience is.  We brainstorm the "big idea" and explore all potential applications, finalize your brand architecture, and how that fits in with your growth strategy.

Step 4

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Campaign Creation_Website.jpg



Step 4

Once the identity and brand design is understood, we design and develop the look and feel of your company to ensure consistency across any future marketing campaign.  To create successful, meaningful, engaging content, we will work with you to identify target audiences, campaigns, and messaging/voicing for marketing efforts.  This creates effective communication to consumers and prospective clients or partners that speaks to them and doesn't come across as another "generic email I am going to flag as spam" or lead to an unfollow because your content is not relevant or valuable.

Step 5

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Step 5

Successful marketing campaigns consist of many assets.  From logos to graphics, videos to templates used in sales presentations. Building synergy around your brand fosters higher engagement levels and a better experience for your clients and target audiences.

During this step, we will develop branding standards and guidelines, nurture brand champions, and finalize the launch strategy and plan.

Step 6

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Step 6

Marketing in today's economy is not a singular project that you complete and repeat. Whether your company evolves down the road, consumer demand shifts, or a social media platform pulls the e-brake and takes a 180 as they seem to do every other month, we constantly review performance of what we are creating together to stay agile and relevant.  Some things may be off-the-shelf and rinse and repeat but your brand will be uniquely you and designed for the modern buyer.

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