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It's 2022, video is everywhere.  We could quote all the statistics on how 54% of consumers want to see more video from brands they support, 73% of consumers stated their buying has been influenced by a brand's social media video presence, video marketing on average gets 66% more qualified leads, and 93% of marketers stated they have secured new clients thanks to video... but it's 2022, you can Google "video marketing statistics" and read for hours.

Take this animated logo video to the left for example, did you watch it?  Did it grab your attention longer than the static images and graphics on our website?  Did you wait until the end to see what happened?  More often than not, the answer will be yes.

Fortunately, animations, videos, vlogs, live-streaming, and photography is more accessible than ever.  When you partner with The Digital Butler, you don't have to worry about sourcing one vendor that can capture high-quality video, another for professional audio, an animator for the lower-thirds and animated intro, a photographer for your stills, and a graphic artist for your design needs.  We started our company to help small to medium-sized businesses consolidate vendors, freeing your time from managing multiple-stakeholders and having repetitive meetings to create collateral.   Speak to one team, cut one check, and we handle the rest!

Image by Jeremy Perkins



Athena Testimonial.jpg

Athena of the Triangle - Raleigh, NC

“The Digital Butler  Thank you for an amazing job producing our 2020 Women's Leadership Conference event! We could not have done this without you!  Folks this is professionalism and flexibility at its finest. ” 


—  Athena of the Triangle, Nonprofit Video & Live Event Production


A Picture

Is Worth a Thousand

You know the rest of that sentence and you can't deny that it's right!

Think about the photos and videos you've seen yourself.  How big of an impact does it have on you when you see that terrible LinkedIn selfie?  You probably immediately associate that person with feelings of unprofessionalism or amateur, would you trust them with your business?

Our goal is to provide comprehensive digital assets that position you to have the best impact possible.  We experienced the frustrations ourselves when we had to talk to one person for a video then go find another person for photography... "wait, I want those lower-thirds to pop up on my YouTube video!" Guess what? We will have to find a third person that can do animations. "...oh you need to record professional audio, go talk to this person they are reasonably priced."


We got so tired of having to manage multiple vendors, spending more time explaining the project over and over, signing multiple contracts, cutting multiple checks... we decided to bring it all in house, consolidated to a single point-of-contact to provide it all.

Remember, you get one chance, just a few seconds to hook someone's attention or they will be scrolling right by you to the next TMZ or TicTok video.  



Strike a Pose

Whether you have an event, need product photos, or want headshots for your business - we've got your covered! We fell in-love with Nikki's creative eye and after following her on social for over a year, asked her to join our team!

We know you'll love the photos and more importantly, you will love the process! Our clients always provide positive feedback when Nikki comes out with her gear and captures inspiring shots that set them apart from the rest!


Full-Service Testimonial

The Digital Butler came on site for a crunch time video shoot. While Josh quickly worked out an interesting video concept on the fly, Drew had all of the recording up and ready to go. We were test running shots and audio in no time!

Nikki was in and out of cramped shooting areas with ease and direction. She captured a session's worth of photos without a word being said!

The Digital Butler crew is incredible, convenient and reliable! Thanks!


—  Tan & Sober Gentlemen, Internationally Touring Band


Live Stream

Like a Pro

We are all in new territory with the pandemic today.  Many are scrambling to figure out how to survive the current social distant climate and going digital-heavy for the first time, out of necessity.  Figuring out the ins-and-outs of live streaming can be overwhelming if you don't do it all the time. 


Can you simply set your phone up and click "go live"?  Of course, but what quality will you produce? Will your video look fuzzy, will your audience be able to hear you clearly, did you know that selfie-mode flips your picture like looking into a mirror?

Our team creates custom graphics, lower-thirds, up to 4 camera angles, and professional audio when you live stream. Take the stress of production off your plate and let our team create a professional broadcast-quality live stream while you focus on what you do best!

Check out our latest live stream



So you have bought in and you're ready to put out video content, but where do you start and how do you make your video look better than your grandparents FaceTiming you?

It's all in the details, small additions can go a long way in taking your video content from zero, to hero.  If you watch YouTube review or tutorial videos, you've likely seen the dramatic impact of adding an animated logo intro (or stinger as we say in the biz) and even simple lower thirds that animate your name and title or have product information. 

These animated additions can even make your iPhone video filmed in your office look like a professional production.  We can do simple animations like logo intros, lower-thirds, product information, as well as, more complex e-splainer videos, tutorials, infographics, and more.



Introducing video to your marketing and branding strategy can have a major impact for your business.  It doesn't have to be a huge production or even break the quarterly budget, we offer a wide range of video options for businesses.

Create thought-leadership content (Vlogs), create short clips for your promotions and sales, tutorial videos, or launch a full story-telling video to educate your prospective clients about your business and what sets you apart from the competition.  The stats are there, video is a must-have in today's market. 

Image by Geoffrey Baumbach

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