"We are getting lots of compliments on the website and the numbers of registrations siting [the new website] as a referral source has increased significantly since last year."


Suzanne B. - Hillsborough, NC

Assistant Director - New Hope Camp & Conference Center

"Josh and The Digital Butler have been instrumental in growing our social media audience and content.  His understanding of business strategy, what people want,  and social media provides invaluable insights for growing our business.  


We have continued to expand our services with The Digital Butler and Josh has exceeded all expectations.  Through our partnership, Josh has become more than just a vendor, he is a member of the team!  We look forward to long-term continued success through our partnership."


Brian R. - Cary, NC

Real Estate Broker


Joshua grew up in Hillsborough, North Carolina, coming from a family of entrepreneurs.  As a child he focused his ambitions, as many do, on sports.  After achieving a state championship and national ranking he received a scholarship to NC State for wrestling.

The majority of his career has been consulting international businesses and governments on enterprise software application development, digital technology, and business strategy.  Traveling and living abroad provided invaluable insight, expanding his business acumen outside of only local, small business operations.  Over the past 5 years, he has worked alongside over 100 businesses in various industries, from start-up to 250+ employees, partnering with executive teams and business owners on strategic growth initiatives.

When he decided to start The Digital Butler, he did so for 3 reasons: To do what he loves, work with other entrepreneurs to navigate technology and growth challenges.  To do what he’s great at, digital technology and strategy.  To build a business that makes a difference in the community that he lives in.

Every facet of the services The Digital Butler provides is filtered through the various experiences and industries he has worked with.  The Digital Butler doesn’t just create logos, brand, or help businesses as a “graphic designer” or “marketing professional” - everything is approached with a big picture, strategic mindset of understanding all available technology and strategic avenues and ensuring that each client has solutions that are tailored to their individual needs and long-term goals…no matter if you are a one-person shop, a band, or an emerging growth company.


Dillon grew up in Hillsborough, North Carolina, a grade school friend of Joshua’s.  Dillon took to his creative side from a very early age, diving into art and music.  In high school, Dillon began developing his artistic and music talents by educating himself on art and design, as well as, starting his first band.

Over the past 15 years Dillon has fronted The Eno Mountain Boys band and in 2019 also joined internationally touring Tan and Sober Gentlemen.  He has written, performed, and produced multiple albums and a plethora of singles.  He has also produced many art pieces both personally and for The Eno Mountain Boys.

At The Digital Butler, Dillon is responsible for creative design, art concepts, graphic design, and overall design strategy.  You can’t have an Oreo without the filling and Dillon is the perfect compliment to Joshua’s skillset, providing invaluable  creative input that assists all clients of The Digital Butler in taking their product to the next level. 



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