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A brand identity is more than just a logo. The goal is to have an ownable brand that is professional, recognizable and authentic.

Building a brand identity that stands out and supports your business goals is an

important investment. Our team has a proven track record of elevating brands across

various industries. From brand launches for start-ups to rebranding 30 year old

businesses - our approach is strategic and results-driven, ensuring that your brand

stands out and appropriately represents your business.


“I got the chance to work with Mango, since before we had the visual identity of the company. What a great pick! It was such a pleasure walk trough all the stages, from getting help on the name, to building a whole cohesive image around our brand. For us it was very important to also build a Brand Identity guideline that we could pass on to other people so they could understand the brand. Mango and his team always delivered on time and right on point ”​

Oscar Goya, Brand Founder | I think She Is, Miami, FL.
our process

As a full-service agency, our team takes a comprehensive approach to the development

of your brand identity. With fair project-based pricing, we ensure you are equipped with

every asset you need to effectively market and promote your business in today's digital

and physical environments. Our process is clear, professional, and consistent.


We begin by working with you to collect information about your business, your
aesthetic preferences, and other information that is unique to your brand.


We will send you our comprehensive design questionnaire to learn about your business, mission, goals, and your desired client or consumer.

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we dive in

We review your completed questionnaire, any additional information you've provided, then research your competitive

landscape and your target audience/client or consumer. With

this information, we will create the

foundation for your custom branding.


Once we have a clear understanding of your business and preferences, we begin

developing several concept groups for your main logo design. We further define

these through 2-3 rounds of iteration in which we collect your feedback. At the end

of this phase, we will have worked together to develop and finalize a logo that best

represents your brand and business goals.

logo design

We deliver 2-3 initial logo concepts groups with with use cases for both physical and digital deliverables.

We will then work with your feedback and tweak until it's absolutely perfect.

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brand design

Next, we nail down your secondary logo, submark and watermark, as well as your typography, color palette, and patterns/textures. These are the elements that give your brand personality and really make it

come to life.

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brand collateral

Once your primary branding is in place, we develop any additional brand collateral add-ons, and you have

two revisions to make sure they are perfect.

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social media graphics

We will create platform specific customizable toolkits. These assets will align with your brand colors, fonts,

patterns/textures, logos and logo marks allowing for easy text changes as necessary.


After we finalize all assets, we package and render everything for delivery. This

includes all file formats you will need for any application (from printing physical

goods to digital applications). For our Branding Packages we will also finalize your

Brand Identity Guide and other brand assets for delivery.

Brand Launch

Once we have received your approval on your assets, all final logo

and collateral files will be delivered in organized folders via

Dropbox, and you are ready to debut your new brand to the world.


We understand that every business has unique branding needs and goals. That's why we offer three distinct tiers of branding identity services, designed to cater to a range of requirements and budgets. Whether you're looking for a striking logo to establish your presence or a comprehensive branding package to create a cohesive and memorable identity, our team of experts is here to help your brand stand out and thrive.

base logo

The face of your brand. 

The Base Logo Package is ideal for businesses that have a clear brand vision.

They primary need is for a logo and corresponding assets.

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Brand Launch

Image Is Everything: Take Control of Yours

The Brand Launch Package is optimal for businesses who's goal is to evolve their brand or rebrand and require assets in addition to a full logo.


Expert Strategic Guidance For Your Brand

The Branding+ Package is designed for businesses who want to create a

brand reinforced with strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of their newly created assets.

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